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Our Mission

Our mission is to help people reach their physical and mental wellness goals. Whether you need help to focus, relax or re-energise, adding fungi extracts to your daily routine can help you get there. We also believe in taking control over what goes into our bodies. All the active compounds in our products come from fungi only. We don’t use fillers now and we never will.

Our Story

Pure Fungi was founded by four family members coming together to support peoples health and well-being with high-quality fungi extracts. Unable to find products that shared our values of purity and sustainability, we decided it was time to make our own - and so Pure Fungi was born. We’ve been using extracts for years. And medicinal fungi has been around for centuries. But not many people know just how impressive these organisms are. By making it easier to incorporate fungi into your daily routine, we want more people to discover how it can improve both mental and physical wellness.

Our Founders

Meet our founders and learn the story of how they discovered medicinal mushrooms and why they created Pure Fungi.

  • Sebastian Totté

    Sebastian first heard about mushroom coffee on a podcast. Intrigued by what he heard, he started adding Chaga to his coffee and immediately noticed his heartburn and jitters go away. 

    After realising the power of medicinal mushrooms, he tried adding Lions Mane to his coffee and tea and noticed memory improvements.

    Sebastian didn't stop there. He then tried taking cordyceps before workouts and noticed increased energy and stamina. He also tried Reishi in the evenings and felt more chilled and relaxed.

    Sebastian was so impressed with these mushrooms that he started going on mushroom foraging walks with mycologists and friends and started attending medicinal mushroom talks.

    Sebastian noticed how difficult it was to find pure, medicinal fungi extracts without any fillers or additives, so in the summer of last year, the idea came to him to start Pure Fungi. He brought the mushrooms and ideas to the other cofounders, and that's how Pure Fungi was born.

  • David Totté

    David was first introduced to medicinal mushrooms by his wife Angela, who is a nutritional therapist, and was keen to have him lead a more balanced and healthy lifestyle. 

    Initially, he was not so disciplined in taking medicinal mushrooms, until his brother Sebastian started taking them religiously and sharing his own experiences. David started being more diligent, taking them every day - and it completely transformed his life! 

    Working in a high-powered and stressful corporate environment, David often struggled to deal with the pressures of life, balancing work and family, sometimes suffering from anxiety, panic attacks and bad sleep. This is something he never really shared with anybody, even with his own family and closest friends.

    When he started taking medicinal mushrooms every day, combined with a more healthy diet and exercise, he felt like he was much more resilient to the stresses and challenges of everyday life. Today he tells us that his anxiety has completely disappeared, and is incredibly thankful for having discovered the power of mushrooms.

    One of the main reasons David was so keen to create Pure Fungi with his brothers and wife, was to make sure people that suffer from anxiety or other mental health issues, get to experience the amazing benefits of taking medicinal mushrooms. Today he is one of our biggest promoters, sharing his experiences with everyone that he meets.

  • Angela Totté

    Angela had her first introduction to medicinal mushrooms when she was a kid growing up in Japan, you could find them in the local markets, and they would often add Maitake and Shiitake mushrooms to various recipes and dishes. Medicinal Mushrooms, especially Reishi was a fundamental part of the Japanese culture.

    She first started taking Reishi, Maitake, and Tremella regularly after seeing an acupuncturist. They recommended that she take them for her hayfever and skin health, which worked and started her interest and further learning of medicinal mushrooms. She then started recommending them to her clients in her nutrition and well-being practice. She was receiving great feedback on how they were helping with a host of different ailments.

    She later found out that her brother in law Sebastian started having a passion for medicinal mushrooms too, which she found inspiring. So when he came with the idea of Pure Fungi, she knew it was something she wanted to be a part of. "Pure Fungi has become a lifestyle for me now, I rarely go a day without at least one of these amazing mushrooms."

  • Alexander Totté

    Our co-founder Alexander was introduced to medicinal mushrooms by his brothers David and Sebastian. After telling him about their positive experiences with these fungi extracts Alex was keen to try it out. In his own words "My brothers are simply just too cool, so when they find something interesting I don’t know about I tend to explore together with them." 

    Alex started his fitness journey after gaining some extra weight and tried taking Cordyceps before doing sports every other time. He could instantly tell the difference during his post-workout run, where he had more energy to go further after taking the cordyceps. He noticed his recovery times increased too so he could train again quicker. He lost 8 kilos in less than three months. "With Cordyceps, I trained more regularly, for longer and harder, bearing faster results of which I am proud today." 

    Needless to say, he joined the fungi lifestyle and was thrilled to start Pure Fungi alongside David and Sebastian.