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We make the purest Organic Lion's Mane 16:1 extract. No Fillers. No Nasties.


Why Fungi

These often underestimated organisms are powerhouses when it comes to health benefits. Fungi have been used in many cultures such as in China and Japan since ancient times, western science is catching up and backing it up with the evidence that the right fungi can help you feel better, more relaxed, re-energised and even improve brain function. We’ve seen the benefits in our own lives, and now we want to share them with the world.

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Why Pure Fungi

Our mission is to help people reach their physical and mental wellness goals. Whether you need help to focus, relax or re-energise, adding fungi extracts to your daily routine can help you get there.

We care deeply about people. We support our community, the 'Fungi Family' on their health and wellness journey with the purest and most effective mushroom extracts and quality educational information about them.

Science First

We put science first. We work with the UK's leading microbiologists and Mycologists both to source and test our products. All our products are HACCP quality conform and certified. All our educational information and claims are backed with science.


We care deeply about the wellness 'our' planet too. From sourcing produce from organic growers, to packaging our products in compostable bags, we’re doing all we can to keep it green, and will be doing much more in the future.

Stay Pure

We only use the highest quality fungi and the latest extraction methods to maximise the medicinal compounds in our products. Every active compound in our products comes from fungi only. We don’t use fillers now, we don’t do blends, and we never will.

Fungi Family Testimonials

A cordyceps tea is part of my morning ritual now, along with a hearty breakfast to fuel me for a good workout. Being asthmatic, I noticed a positive change to my breathing, my lungs felt more open, and I also experienced a different kind of alertness and ‘kick’ from what you would get from caffeine.

Pure Fungi's reishi extracts are the perfect wind-down aid before bedtime. I've been having trouble getting to sleep for the last year and was introduced to PF's range of mushroom extracts. For the past three months I have been consistently adding reishi to my evening tea (usually camomile or peppermint) and I have noticed an immediate difference in my sleep. Their capsule range have come at the perfect time as travel resumes, I've been able to keep up my daily reishi ritual on-the-go. The extracts are as the brand name says "pure" and I love that the packaging is compostable. Delivery is also super speedy. Highly recommend!

Fast delivery and high quality product. I also like how the pouch is fully compostable. I noticed a big difference at the gym since starting taking Cordyceps. It gave me more power and energy. They're now part of my pre-workout. I've tried a few Chaga brands and I'm loving Pure Fungi Chaga. I've been adding it to my coffee and its been great for my digestion.

Pure Fungi has been a part of my routine every morning for the last month, and I feel great. Would highly recommend the Lion’s Mane for anyone looking for that ‘mental boost’ - goes great with a morning black coffee.

Our Range of Pure Mushroom Extracts

As the name says, we are all about purity. No blends, no fillers, GMO-Free, no soy, no nuts, no gluten and no lactose. Just the purest high-grade organic, vegan single ingredient extracts. Our extracts are manufactured and quality control tested in the UK, and the pouch and label are fully compostable. We only use the highest quality fungi and the latest extraction methods to maximise the active compounds in our products.