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Organic Reishi Extract Capsules | Calmness & Longevity | Ratio 16:1 | 90 Capsules | 30 Servings

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A staple in eastern medicine, Reishi is also known as the mushroom of immortality. It’s multiple health benefits are down to the 130 triterpenoid compounds and polysaccharides found in the fungi. Research suggests these can reduce inflammation, histamine production, reduce sensitivity and even aid sleep.

Reishi Benefits Blog Post

A staple in eastern medicine, Reishi is known as the ‘the Queen of mushrooms’ or ‘the mushroom of immortality’ because of its many health benefits. Science is finally catching up though, with many evidence-based and clinical studies supporting Reishi’s medicinal properties. 



Support the immune system and gut microbiome. Promote resilience and calmness. Support allergy sufferers.


Reishi (Ganoderma Lucidum).

Extraction Type

Grown on whole logs. Fruiting body dual extract. Ratio: 16:1.

Medicinal Compounds

Soluble beta-glucan 25%. Triterpenes 4%.


Good To Know

Organic, vegan, free from GMO, soy, nuts, gluten and lactose. Both the pouch and label are fully compostable. Our Reishi is manufactured and quality control tested in the UK. We use a dual-extraction process of both water and alcohol to get the highest level of medicinal compounds possible. Every active compound in our products comes from the fungi – you won’t find any fillers here.

How To Use

Take 3 capsules once or twice a day. 400mg per capsule. Drink with water on a full or empty stomach. Keep your Reishi fresh by sealing the pouch properly or storing in an air-tight container away from sunlight or heat.

Health & Safety

Store pouches out of children’s reach. Don’t exceed the recommended daily dose. If the seal is broken, don’t buy or use the contents. Fungi extracts should be part of a balanced diet, not a substitute for one. Nursing, pregnant or thinking about it? Talk to your healthcare practitioner before using.